Stephen Becker, M.D., Chief Scientific and Medical Officer

Dr. Becker’s career in HIV began in the early 1980s while a faculty member at UCSF where he led a large HIV clinical practice and clinical research program.  His areas of research include pharmacology and pharmacogenetics, early stage drug development, clinical designs, and HIV health service outcomes research.  He is recognized as a leading expert and an active participant in the global research and development efforts of HIV Cure.

Prior to his work with BryoLogyx, Dr. Becker served as CMO for a private French vaccine biotechnology firm in the development of HIV cure, and shared platform applications for immuno-oncology.  He also worked for 6 years at the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation where he led HIV treatment, cure (sustained remission), and prevention efforts.  This included early stage development efforts with broadly neutralizing antibodies for HIV and research at the interface between reproductive biology and HIV, as well as the comprehensive biome in HIV disease.  Additionally, he served as the CMO at two biotechnology companies where led early phase development programs for innovative HIV therapeutics.

Dr. Becker was a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar at the joint UCSF-Stanford program, prior to joining the USCF faculty.  He completed his internal medicine training at Cook County Hospital.  Dr. Becker is a graduate of the SUNY/Buffalo School of Medicine, and the University of Pennsylvania where he received an undergraduate degree in psychology and animal behavior.